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Welcome to Q Healthcare


Q Healthcare represents pharmaceutical products in Australia.


We help manufacturers with the commercialisation of specialist pharmaceuticals.


To date we have successfully sponsored and managed products on behalf of international manufacturers.


Contact details:


eMail: Stephan@qhealthcare.net


Phone  +61(0)439 809 944.






  • National health reform finalised

    August 02, 2011

    The  Federal Government today signed off on the final details of national health reforms with all States and Territories to secure the future of health in Australia.


    The historic agreement aims to deliver important funding for public hospitals, accountability, efficiencies and less waiting for patients.


    The Australian Government will invest an ext

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    Q Healthcare invests

    July 01, 2011

    Our staff have been involved in a variety of projects since we first started with the development, marketing and management of pharmaceuticals in 1990.


    All these years we stayed true to what we do best: review, plan, implement, review, innovate, implement, review.... and succeed.


    We invest daily to improve our people's skills, communication and physical en

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