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National health reform finalised

The  Federal Government today signed off on the final details of national health reforms with all States and Territories to secure the future of health in Australia.


The historic agreement aims to deliver important funding for public hospitals, accountability, efficiencies and less waiting for patients.


The Australian Government will invest an extra $19.8 billion in public hospitals through to 2020 FY. 


The extra Commonwealth funding means our hospitals will be able to handle:


  • 2.9 million extra cases in emergency departments
  • 2 million additional in-patient services
  • 19 million more outpatient consultations


In exchange for improved funding, states and territories have agreed to unprecedented transparency in the health care system.


The new National Health Performance Authority (NHPA) will ensure Australians can access accurate and up-to-date information on the MyHospitals website about how their hospitals perform so they could choose the best care.


For more information on this agreement visit www.yourhealth.gov.au