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Welcome to Gauch Professional Services


We are a management and consulting resource to business owners and management.


We offer marketing and business development services to the healthcare, tourism and real estate industries.


Services provided since 1990 include:


* new start-up ventures


* product launches and re-launches


* integrated marketing planning.


* new revenue generation


* key account management


* value added supply chain management.


Click on the project titles found on the right and browse through our valued contributions.


Contact us at GauchProServ@gmail.com or call Stephan on +61439809944.


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  • Project: New Buzz

    One of the leading diversified companies had to launch a new product in the specialist segment.  The product did not fit into any of the current categories, thus the decision was made to create a new business unit.  Our assignment was to start up the new unit and develop it into an independent, profitable business.  We launched the new product and developed the unit into one of the most profitable units in the business. It became the most productive business unit for four consecutive years with the highest contribution per capita in the company.  

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    Project: Triple value

    This private prescription women's health product needed a strong point of differentiation and a good reason for clinicians to support.  We gave them three good reasons plus more than they asked for.  We developed the new positioning, a relevant concept, re-defined the target market and through consistent, integrated communications we sold the three core values.  Utilisation increased and it became market leader in its category.


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    Project: Motherhood

    A new product launch and ongoing project management.  We offered investigative marketing services.  We got answers to the difficult questions we asked in person and developed a business case to optimise the use of this specialist, life saving product in intensive care units nationally.  We reviewed years of evidence and through continued research, education and communication, we transformed the management of this disease state.  Hospitals save lives, money and effort.  We successfully managed to extend the product life cycle and build strong relationships.  The product has become a national and global market leader.  

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    Project: Open Gate

    Our client was an early adopter and dynamic clinics group in a rapidly changing market.  They saw the opportunity to give access to affordable private health to the non-insured masses.  We were assigned to develop an integrated launch campaign for every individual clinic.  They wanted customer call to action and feet through the doors.  At a rate of 3 to 5 new clinics opening per month, we had an enormous task to develop and produce concept, materials, advertising in print, community and out-doors and point of sale materials to achieve their objectives.  It was one of the most rewarding, challenging and exciting projects. 

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    Project: Choice

    The client launched a more sophisticated women's health test.  Sales were dismal since local authorities did not want to fund the product. Globally the product was funded and the local subsidiary underperformed.  Together, the client and us embarked on a push-pull strategy.  We launched an awareness campaign to alert health care professionals whilst the client lobbied for funding.  We solved the problem.  Today women have a choice.  The company's sales soared.  Authorities do not pay any extra for patients to have access to the product.

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    Project: Clean noses

    The client managed this private prescription product successfully.  However, sales flattened out.  On investigation we found that if the customer base could get more evidence on the efficacy of this product, trust and support will grow.  Our intervention helped the client to understand the need for this and we launched a project to generate the evidence.  Sales increased  and the company helped many more noses on the road to recovery.  Happy Product Manager.  Happy Marketing Manager. 

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    Project: Trap

    Intensivists, by nature, have a very busy working life.  They are very difficult to meet with.  When our client, a smaller pharmaceutical player, wanted to launch their product, they were completely over shadowed by their competition.  The bigger, prominent competitors entered the market much earlier and were well engaged with the target audience.  We knew we had to come up with something brilliant and totally different.  After consultation with the client and customers, we developed an incredible concept.  The program enabled the team to communicate the brand essence in a tangible, relational way.  The product gained 30% market share in less than two years.  A phenomenal result by company standards.  

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    Project: Unscramble

    The Marketing Manager of Project Trap referred her colleague, a Junior Product Manager, to us for help. Project Unscramble was the launch of a new product in the cluttered mental health segment of the market.  Once again a smaller pharma business wanting to compete in a very busy segment and big players.  We discovered that the target audience had a good sense of humour.  We developed a great concept and crystal clear communications.  The concept and communications carried the message of efficacy and safety in a catchy,  different manner.  The communications stood out clearly in a category of clutter and jargon.  The audience got the message.  The company got the sales.  The Junior Product manager got the promotion. We were better together.  

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    Project: Evergreen

    Our client, a leading multi-national company had a profitable "old" product covered in dust and basically forgotten.  When we discovered this little gem, we managed to revive the product with a new look, a new market position and fulfilled a niche need in the market place.  The sales increased and because we worked with a small budget, profitability improved remarkably quick.  The product continues to deliver a good contribution. Another example of how one could increase the product life cycle.

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    Project: Breathe

    The company is a leader in innovation.  They managed to develop this amazing delivery system, but, for mature molecules.  In this very emotional disease state and strong specialist influence, they had an impossible battle to market the product range. Following a number of unsuccessful product launches the marketing manager came up with a well thought through niche market idea.  Our assignment was to find the best strategy to market the product range.  Our intervention integrated all the important role players in the management of the disease.  The programme improved credibility for the company as we took the high road to success in joining established players.  The program went from strength to strength and was implemented in other markets. 

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    Project: Gentle Giant

    The client launched a new anti-biotic to the primary and general health care segment.  They used a very powerful image to communicate the product's efficacy. Sales did not follow and the launch was not successful.  On investigation we found that the customers were confused and somewhat nervous about the possible side effect profile. We reviewed the literature and body of evidence before we developed a new concept for an integrated communications program.  With the help of our specialist clients, we managed to communicate a more objective message and customer confidence followed.  Sales and market share increased.

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    Project: Purple lines

    Traditional industry strategies did not help this consumer product in animal health to make its mark in the market.  We went back to users and vendors to investigate the market's non-compliance.  We discovered an array of shortcomings in product functionality and brand communications. We  solved the functionality issues, developed a new concept, designed and implemented our best ever integrated vendor and consumer communications program and successfully achieved a much higher budget.  The company continued to grow sales and the product became a market leader.  

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